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NYS SOciety of ORTHOPAEDIC Surgeons

Your membership is a statement of commitment not only to your profession but also to the well-being of the patients we serve. 
Let's stand together for a stronger, more empowered orthopaedic community in New York

Membership Levels

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Active Members 

Active Members shall be orthopaedic surgeons practicing in New York State and are:
i) Members in good standing of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, or 
ii) Are certified or board eligible with respect to an orthopaedic surgical specialty by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons or by the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. 
Active members shall be required to pay dues and may hold office.

Associate Members 

Associate Members shall be doctors of medicine/osteopathic medicine who are licensed in New York; have satisfactorily completed an orthopaedic residency in an residency review committee approved orthopaedic training program; have engaged in the practice of orthopaedic surgery for less than two years in New York. Associate Members shall pay 1/2 the dues of active membership.

Candidate Members 

Candidate Members shall be doctors of medicine/osteopathic medicine who are engaged full-time in an residency review committee approved residency or fellowship program in orthopaedic surgery or have completed the same and are not yet eligible for Associate Membership. They may not vote or hold office. They shall pay $20.00 in dues. Candidate Membership will also be terminated for non-payment of dues or failure to complete the residency program.

Emeritus Members

Emeritus shall be active members who have retired from active practice and who have reached the age of 65. They may be considered for Emeritus Membership upon their own request. Honorary members shall receive notices of all meetings of the Society, shall be privileged to attend and take part in the discussions of the Society but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office, nor be subject to dues or assessments.

Our Key Initiatives

Limiting Malpractice Claims: NYSSOS is working to limit malpractice claims, advocating for fair and just resolutions that protect your professional standing and create a more secure environment for all orthopaedic practitioners.

Prior Authorization Process Reform: Our Society is fighting for a streamlined prior authorization process, reducing administrative complexities and allowing you to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Workers' Compensation Guidelines Your support helps us actively engage with regulators and legislators to influence and refine the Workers' Compensation system and guidelines, ensuring they align with the best interests of injured patients and orthopaedic surgeons throughout New York.

Driving Policy Reforms for a Safer Healthcare Environment:We are pursuing reforms aimed at creating a safer healthcare environment, protecting healthcare workers from violence. Your support is a vital force for positive transformation, ensuring the well-being and security of those dedicated to the care of others.
Clarity and Professional Recognition: NYSSOS is promoting initiatives that ensure the appropriate identification of healthcare professionals in one-on-one interactions with patients and in public advertisements. Together, let's uphold transparency and build trust in healthcare relationships.

Preventing Encroachment of Non-Physician Providers and Safeguarding Practice Standards:

Stand with us as we safeguard patients and prevent inappropriate scope expansions by non-physician practitioners.

Empowering Orthopaedic Advocacy for Aging Wellness: By renewing, you contribute to our collective efforts in shaping policies that actively reduce musculoskeletal diseases and ensure robust support for orthopaedic treatment tailored to the needs of our aging population.

Retention of the Orthopaedic Workforce: Our Society  provides professional development opportunities, and a robust community network that provides support throughout our member's careers.

About the Society

Advocating for the orthopaedic surgeon, patients and musculoskeletal health in New York.

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Address: PO Box 38004, Albany, NY 12203

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