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NYS SOciety of ORTHOPAEDIC Surgeons

Our Governmental Affairs Program

We are committed to promoting and representing viewpoints of the orthopaedic community before Federal and State legislative, regulatory and executive agencies through the following mechanisms:

  • Electronic Calls to Action
  • Distribution of Memorandums to Key Decision Makers
  • Helping Members Develop Personal Relationships with Elected Officials
  • Testifying Before the Legislature and Regulatory Agencies
  • Commenting on Proposed Legislation and Regulations

At any one time, we are reviewing thousands of pieces of legislation and prioritizing bills that impact orthopaedic practice and patient care.

Take advantage of our online software enabling you to quickly send a message to your legislator as well as help engage your patients in voicing concerns and recommendations to their own elected representatives. 

Development of an Annual Legislative Program to Support a Proactive Advocacy Approach 

NYSSOS develops an annual legislative program supporting a proactive advocacy approach with issues such as scope of practice protections, systematic liability reforms, Worker’s Compensation rules and regulations, corporate medicine practice regulations, encouraging healthcare transparency, and improving collective negotiations.  

State Advocacy Services

- Helping members develop personal relationships with elected officials
- Promote and represent viewpoints of the orthopaedic community before Federal and State
   legislative, regulatory and executive agencies. 
- Testify and assist members to testify before the legislature and agencies
- Comment on proposed legislation and regulations
- Provide forceasting of legislative landscape
- Tracking and monitoring of bills
- Calls to Action
- Distribution of Memorandums in Support and Opposition


You have a unique opportunity to engage in the advocacy process and effectuate change through the Ortho Political Action Committee (OrthoPAC).  As one of the few specialty societies in New York with a PAC, NYSSOS is positioned to collectively support activities that help create an optimal practice environment in which to provide quality and efficacious care.

About the Society

Advocating for the orthopaedic surgeon, patients and musculoskeletal health in New York.

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Address: PO Box 38004, Albany, NY 12203

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