Orthopaedic physicians and practices are under constant siege by policies and proposals that can obstruct or delay access to essential care. These threats are continual and they do not discriminate, impacting every type of practice ranging from large groups to solo practices to academic clinicians. One of the most effective tools that orthopedic physicians have to counter these obstacles is NYSSOS’ OrthoPAC —our political action committee.

The NYSSOS OrthoPAC is vital to our success on numerous critical fronts, not the least of which are reversing onerous prior authorization practices, defeating scope of practice proposals that would diminish patient outcomes, limiting potential future covid-19-related moratoria on elective procedures, and many other pressing issues.

If you haven’t, please take a moment to review NYSSOS’ advocacy agenda. To fulfill that agenda, we must support policy makers who understand how legislation and regulation impact our practices and patients.

Active Issues

Seeking prior authorization reforms and reductions in administrative and regulatory burdens

Ensuring all patients have access to high quality, comprehensive musculoskeletal care by providers who have met and completed uniform standards for education, licensure, training and certification.

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