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The Undeniable Power of Grassroots Advocacy

Sat, December 30, 2023 1:25 PM | Babette Atkins (Administrator)

Our combined efforts have secured a major victor underscoring the undeniable power of grassroots advocacy.

Governor Hochul has heeded our collective voice and vetoed The Grieving Families Act A6698, a piece of legislation that posed significant threats to our healthcare community.
> Read her veto message here.

By working with our medical professional colleagues, MLMIC and other community stakeholders to prevent the passage of A6698, we have shielded our healthcare providers from potential hardships, ensuring they can continue delivering high-quality care without the looming specter of increased malpractice payouts and unnecessary legal complexities.

To each member who participated in our grassroots campaign, THANK YOU! Your commitment has been the driving force behind this monumental achievement. Your voices, stories, and advocacy efforts have not only influenced policy but have demonstrated the impact that a united grassroots movement can have on shaping the future of our healthcare delivery in NY.

As we celebrate this success, let's remember the strength we possess when we join forces for a common cause. Our grassroots advocacy has proven once again that change starts from the ground up.

We look forward to continuing this journey together as we advocate for the best interests of orthopaedic surgeons, their patients and musculoskeletal care in New York.

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